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Wednesday Workshop: Google Calendar

Yesterday’s Wednesday Workshop focused on Google Calendar.  We covered the basic settings for calendars, as well as how to create multiple calendars, create appointment slots, and also looked at a booking calendar site that integrates with your Google Calendar seamlessly.  Next Wednesday Workshop will be on Awesome Google Tools!

STEM Punkin Chuckin Lesson

STEM Lesson – Punkin’ Chuckin’ Challenge

Learn about levers and angles with this fun siege engine activity perfect for Halloween! Students will construct simple catapults with …

STEM Marshmallow Tower Lesson

STEM Lesson – Marshmallow Tower

Let your students become engineers in this engaging engineering activity. Using only marshmallows and spaghetti, students compete to build the …

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Wednesday Workshop – Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a very under-utilized tool in Google’s suite of apps.  While most people tend to think of it …

STEM Weather Fronts

STEM Lesson – Weather Fronts

In this engaging lab, students will design a model of what happens when two air masses meet to form a …

STEM MM Math Distributive Property

STEM Lesson – M&M Math, Distributive Property

Math and chocolate, what a great combination.  My students loved learning about the distributive property with this fun and tasty …

STEM Bird Beak Adaptations

STEM Lesson – Bird Beak Adaptations

Our 4th graders are learning about adaptations, so I put together this fun lab for them.  We had a ton …

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Wednesday Workshop – Google Slides Intermediate

Yesterday’s Wednesday Workshop was on using Google Slides for more than just simple slideshows. We talked about using Slides to …

STEM Solar System

STEM Lesson – Scale of the Solar System

Time for some more STEM lessons. I ran this one with my 6th graders and they loved it!  Make sure …

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Game of Chromes & Keynote Bingo – Get Your Copies Now!

Two fun freebies for today! I had mentioned on Twitter about a week ago that I was making a deck …

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Techspo and EdTechNJ

This has been an EduAwesome week!  I had several workshops to run at the beginning of the week, and the …

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