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Ozobots in Action

Thanks to a successful Donors Choose project, I received ten Ozobots this week.  These disgustingly cute little robots are very simple and very engaging.  Basically a dome on two wheels, the Ozobots use optical sensors to follow colored paths either on paper or on an iPad.  At its simplest, the Ozobot follows a black path wherever it goes.  What takes …

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STEM Lab – Egg Drop Challenge

This week I started our first Grade Level Challenge.  Our fifth grade students will be designing Mars Landers to safely …

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Wednesday Workshop – Google Hangouts

Here’s the handout from today’s workshop on Google Hangouts!

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Wednesday Workshop – Awesome Google Tools

I’m a bit behind lately; we’ve been busy preparing for and then taking the PARCC test and it has turned …

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Wednesday Workshop: Google Calendar

Yesterday’s Wednesday Workshop focused on Google Calendar.  We covered the basic settings for calendars, as well as how to create …

STEM Punkin Chuckin Lesson

STEM Lesson – Punkin’ Chuckin’ Challenge

Learn about levers and angles with this fun siege engine activity perfect for Halloween! Students will construct simple catapults with …

STEM Marshmallow Tower Lesson

STEM Lesson – Marshmallow Tower

Let your students become engineers in this engaging engineering activity. Using only marshmallows and spaghetti, students compete to build the …

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Wednesday Workshop – Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a very under-utilized tool in Google’s suite of apps.  While most people tend to think of it …

STEM Weather Fronts

STEM Lesson – Weather Fronts

In this engaging lab, students will design a model of what happens when two air masses meet to form a …

STEM MM Math Distributive Property

STEM Lesson – M&M Math, Distributive Property

Math and chocolate, what a great combination.  My students loved learning about the distributive property with this fun and tasty …

STEM Bird Beak Adaptations

STEM Lesson – Bird Beak Adaptations

Our 4th graders are learning about adaptations, so I put together this fun lab for them.  We had a ton …

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