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Wednesday Workshop – Cool Tools For Teachers 2015

I just realized I forgot to post the handout from this year’s final Wednesday Workshop!  It’s a little late, but here’s the info from Cool Tools For Teachers 2015.  Enjoy!

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My 3D Printing Toolkit…So Far

My friend Michelle was trying out a new 3D printer today and broadcasting via Periscope, and I ended up watching …

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3D Printing Fun

As we begin to wrap up the school year, my 4th and 6th graders are finishing up their 3D design …

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The Utterly Amazing EdcampUSA

It’s hard to believe that a week ago at this time I was at the US Department of Education in …

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STEM Lab Organization

I’ve been talking at a lot of conferences lately about STEM labs and Makerspaces, and as a result I often …

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Cheer Up, Buttercup!

Between evil allergies, migraines, and PARCC EOY testing, this has not been the greatest week.  I usually try to stay …

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Playing Robot Turtles In Grades K & 1- A Programming Boardgame

Last week, I splurged and bought the boardgame Robot Turtles to try out with my primary students.  The new tech …

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STEM – Egg Drop Day! Pictures and Reflection

Friday was the big day.  My fifth graders had completed their Mars Landers and were ready for the big egg …

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STEM Lesson – Insect Ecosystem & 3-D Printing

Today we started our first lesson that includes 3-D printing!  I am very excited, and so are my students.  For …

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STEM Lesson – Monster Genetics

Another day, another genetics lesson.  I love this topic, and there are so many neat ways to teach it.  This …

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STEM Lesson – The Circulatory System Game

I had a request from a fourth grade teacher for a STEM lesson about human body systems.  Since that’s a …

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