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Making Cell-fies!

Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but we are making cell-fies in sixth grade!  My students are learning about plant and animal cells, and since one of the NGSS standards is to make a model of a cell, I decided to do just that. Since my shrinky dink project did not work... read more

More 3D Fun

For once, I had a lazy weekend at home (that so rarely happens!), and decided to putter with the 3D printers again.  One of our Phys Ed teachers has a student teacher and was bemoaning the fact that the fellow did not have a whistle.  Never fear, 3D printing to the... read more

Candy Corn Volcanos

Yesterday was a fun day in the lab.  We truly stuck to our motto of  ‘If you’re not making a mess, you’re not doing it right!’  One of the messier labs of the day was making a candy corn volcano with one of my self contained classes.  Over the... read more

All Aboard The FailBoat!

I always tell my students that fail is not a bad word.  Instead of getting upset and giving up when we fail, we need to learn from our mistakes and keep trying.  This weekend was a perfect example of failure in action. I wanted to try making cell shrinky dinks with my... read more

Math & Art – 3D Symmetry

Looking for a fun and easy math art activity to start the year?  This 3D symmetry project may be just what you need. Materials: Colored paper cut into 3 inch squares (I used colored copy paper) 12×12 construction paper Glue stick First, divide your construction... read more