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Megan has been itching to do this experiment, so we hit the dollar store one morning for supplies.  You only need three simple items for this:


  • Bottled Soda
  • Pop Rocks
  • Balloons

This experiment is a great introduction to chemical reaction and gases.  Megan knew that combining Pop Rocks and soda would produce gas, but she wanted to know if the type of soda made any difference.

First, we poured a packet of Pop Rocks into a balloon.


Then, she carefully secured the balloon over the top of the soda bottle, being careful not to let the Pop Rocks pour into the bottle yet.


Once the balloon was secured, she lifted it to allow the Pop Rocks to mix with the soda.


As the two items mixed, they began to produce gas, which then started to fill the balloon.  Since we wanted to compare sodas, she repeated the procedure with the other brand of soda.


Final conclusion? We couldn’t see much difference between the two, but Megan also noted that we could still test other brands to see if the trend continued.


Of course, Megan wanted to experiment a little more, so she decided to put multiple packets of Pop Rocks in a balloon to see what happened.