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I admit it, I am a font junkie.  I can spend ages picking just the right font for a project.  Sometimes I think Google is a total enabler of my OCD habits.  Thanks to my wonderful Twitter friends, I have a new way to add extra fonts in Google Docs!

In case you were not aware of it, you have been able to use more than just the default fonts in Google for a while now.  On the font menu drop-down, simply select More Fonts, and then you can browse a huge list of fonts.  One click is all it takes to add it to or remove it from your font menu.

More Fonts

That’s been a great tool, but sometimes I want an easier way to visualize fonts together or to quickly modify fonts on parts of my document.  There’s a new add-on in town called Extensis Fonts that gives you a font panel on the right hand side of your screen to make it easy to find your perfect fonts.  To enable it, follow these steps.

1. On your menu bar at the top, click on Add-Ons.  Go to Get Add-Ons.

Extensis Fonts 1

2.  When the Add-Ons menu appears, use the search box in the upper right corner to search for fonts.  Extensis Fonts should be one of the results.  Click the blue FREE button, and then click the blue ACCEPT button to add it to your Drive.

Extensis Fonts 2

3.  Once Extensis is installed, you can find it by clicking on your Add-Ons menu.  Simply click on Extensis Fonts, and then Start.  The panel will then open on the right, and you can highlight text in your document and click on a font to change it.

Extensis Fonts 3