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Another day, another genetics lesson.  I love this topic, and there are so many neat ways to teach it.  This time, I used a lesson I found on TpT called Monster Genetics.  What a huge hit!  We started by talking about genes and how traits are passed on.  We discussed dominant and recessive genes, and then jumped into the lesson.  Students played rock-paper-scissors with a partner to determine if their monster baby would get the dominant or recessive gene for each trait from its parents.  Once they had their genotype for their baby monster, they got to go hands-on and create their monsters.  Oh look, it’s now a STEAM lesson!  The kids had so much fun making their monster babies.  I could hear them talking about the traits, and complaining if they didn’t get the dominant or recessive gene for the phenotype they wanted.  They all groaned and cried when we told them it was time to clean up and head back to class.  To finish up the lesson, they will pair up with other students in the class and use punnett squares to determine what genes the offspring of their babies would have.  This is definitely a do-again lesson!