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This week I was in the classrooms for computer class at my K-3 building due to MAP testing in the lab.  Rather than have pencil and paper activities, I decided to share some fun videos on robotics with the kids.  I shared them with my first and second graders, and they really enjoyed them.  It also sparked some great discussions, and I saw kids jotting down ideas during the videos for things they wanted to try at home.


Although this show from Popular Mechanics is almost 20 years old, it’s still a great introduction.  We also got to discuss how far robotics have advanced since this was filmed.  Astute viewers may notice that the boy co-hosting the show is a young Jay Baruchel! (The voice of Hiccup in the How To Train Your Dragon films)


I love that this video is so kid centered.  I now have several classes who can’t wait to go home and make their own BristleBots.