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One of my fellow Google Certified Teachers linked to PocketMod on Twitter yesterday, and I was immediately enthralled with this simple but extremely useful and versatile tool. PocketMod uses an easy to navigate Flash interface to let you design and print your own pocket organizer. Each mini organizer has eight pages, including the front and back covers, and each page is customizable. Simply choose what type of organizer you want – including writing guides, calendars, to-do lists, reference guides, and games – then simply drag and drop it where you want it in your booklet.

When you have finished designing your booklet, a simple click of the Print PocketMod button will send your creation to the printer. After that, it’s just a few simple folds, one snip of the scissors, and you have your own custom organizer ready to use. PocketMod is free, but you can donate via PayPal if you enjoy the product.

They even have a nifty video that shows you how to fold and assemble your PocketMod: