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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so today I am sharing a few links that have come across my radar recently.

Google Image Swirl – I love Google’s Image Search; it’s a great way to easily find images on just about any subject imaginable.  Now, Google takes it one step further with their Image Swirl tool.  Image Swirl is still in the Labs phase, but it works very well on the few test searches I did.  Image Swirl groups similar images and is a neat way to find more specific pictures, or similar images.  Check it out!

Zimmer Twins – Very nifty!  This site has a simple, fun interface that lets you create your own animated movies using a stock set of characters, settings, and actions.  It has a nice library of movie starters that you can use to start out with, or you can start from scratch to create your own.

Game Classroom – A nice collection of educations games for grades K-6.  The games are well organized according to grade and subject, with the focus on math and language arts.  Game Classroom also includes several grade specific newsletters, and homework help links.

Here Comes Science! – I’ve always been a fan of the rather quirky band They Might Be Giants.  I was at one of their concerts while I was in college, and heard the song Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) for the first time.  This was one of the first ‘teaching’ songs I’d ever heard, and I loved it.  TMBG recently released an entire album of science based teaching songs, including the sun song, titled Here Comes Science!  The album can be purchased as a CD/DVD set that includes the musical CD and a DVD of the videos for the songs.