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Google Maps is a powerful tool that can do a lot more than just give directions to the nearest Starbucks.  Street View is one of those nifty features that both my students and I love.  My students, of course, love to use Street View to find their houses, and I love it for taking virtual field trips.  Now, you can even go inside selected buildings with Street View Indoors!  To find a list of places where you can explore inside, check out this list.

When you type in the location in Google Maps and arrive there, pick up Peg Man (The little yellow person icon) from the bottom right of your screen.  Once you have picked him up, look for the blue lines that represent Street View, and drop him on one of them.  You will then go into the Indoor Street View for that location, and can click and drag to navigate.  Below is a short video clip demonstrating how this works as we go inside the British Museum.