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We had a great time in one of my classes last week making static electricity butterflies.  These critters are very neat, and easy to make.  You need construction paper, tissue paper, and balloons.  Choose one color of construction paper for the background, and on another color cut out the body of the butterfly.  Glue the body to the background, and use crayons or markers to give it a face and decorate it.

Next, cut two wings out of tissue paper, and glue one edge of the wing to the body of the butterfly.  Do not glue the entire wing down.  It should only be attached just at the body.  Finally, blow up some balloons, rub them on your hair or shirt, and hold them just above the wings.  They static electricity should cause the wings to rise up and attach to the balloon.

My kids had a lot of fun with this simple activity, and we had some fabulous hairstyles when we were done!