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It’s STEAM time again!  This time, we’re adding music to STEM.  You’ll need just three items to make this nifty kazoo.  Once again, Miss Megan is my fabulous model and assistant.



  • cardboard tube (paper towel or toilet roll tubes are perfect)
  • wax paper
  • rubberband
  • scissors

Let’s make some music!  First choose your tube, and using the scissors or a sharp pencil, poke a hole in the top side of the tube.




Great!  Now, take a piece of wax paper, and secure it over one end of the tube with the rubber band.




If necessary, trim any excess wax paper.  You are now ready to try it out.  Place your mouth over the open end and hum into it.  It may take a little practice to find the right sound.  The sounds waves vibrating the wax paper should make the traditional kazoo sound.


Let’s not stop there.  I wonder what happens if we add more holes to the top, and cover one or more of them while kazooing?  Does it change the sound?  Try it and see.  Don’t forget to decorate your kazoo.




This was a huge hit with Megan, and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from my brother once he gets home and is treated to an impromptu kazoo concert. 😉