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Last week I rang up my dad to see if he wanted to go to Harbor Freight with me.  I wanted to browse for some new additions to my Maker Toolbag, so that one day it will be as awesome as @davezirk‘s Bag Of Holding.  We spent about an hour puttering in the store as I filled my basket with all sorts of goodies.  As we left, dad asked if I had time for a side excursion.  He wanted to stop by Fazzio’s to get some parts he needed.

IMG_3287 IMG_3303

I’d driven by Fazzio’s many times, but never realized it was open to the public, or how amazing it is inside.  If you’ve never been, it’s two ENORMOUS buildings – one filled to the brim with surplus items, and the other with new.  I think I went into complete overload while I was there.  This place, particularly the surplus store, is like FAO Schwartz for makers.  Need nuts and bolts?  Buy ’em by the pound in any shape or size.  Need tools?  Browse shelves and shelves of used tools.  How about a lathe? A work sink? Industrial shelving units? An antique safe? Yep, Fazzio’s has all that and much much more.

IMG_3300 IMG_3302

This is a place for makers to spend hours browsing for awesome finds.  I’m already planning a field trip for myself and fellow maker educators to spend a day exploring and shopping.  If you are near enough to a Fazzio’s, take the time to stop in, but be sure you have nothing else planned for the rest of the day!  All in all, this was the best Father/Daughter Day EVER!

IMG_3288 IMG_3305