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I’m trying out a new online service this month called Oyster Books.  The concept seems very promising.  For $10/month you have access to their full library of books, which you can then read on your iOS devices.  You can read as many books as you want each month, and the selection so far looks pretty good.  You can browse by genre or popularity, or search for author or title.  While it’s not a truly comprehensive library like Amazon’s, I’ve had no trouble finding plenty of books to add to my list.  I’m hoping that as Oyster grows in popularity more publishers will sign on to the service to expand the library.  The library as it currently stands is robust enough that the average reader (and even extreme bookworms like myself) will find plenty of material each month.  With the costs of paperbacks rising, if you read just two books a month the service is well worth it.  If you are not sure about jumping right in, they offer the first month free, and while they require a credit card to sign up, it will not be charged if you cancel before the end of your trial period.  As more schools begin to explore digital media, I wonder if Oyster has any plans to extend to the school market.

Oyster Main Screen