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One of the annoying features of the web is the amount of ads and other clutter on some pages that can be a big distraction from reading content, especially for students.  While add-ons like Adblock help with some of the mess, there’s often still a lot of distractions on the page.  I attended a session on Chrome and Chromebooks at Edcamp Baltimore recently, and discovered an awesome new extension for cleaning up webpages for easy reading.  Readability is a great tool with a plugin for Chrome and other browsers that cleans up all the distracting clutter for a cleaner web reading experience.  They also have free apps for iOS and Android, as well as tools for other browsers.  With a simple click on your browser bar, Readability takes a cluttered webpage and presents you with just the content in a clean, distraction free environment.  It also provides the ability to send cleaned up pages directly to your Kindle for reading offline!