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Access Google Drive on Desktop

How to access and use Google Drive on your desktop.

Access Google Drive

How to access your Google Drive on the web.

Creating Documents in Google Drive

How to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more in Google Drive.

Fonts in Google Drive

How to add more fonts to your list in Google Drive.

Sharing Documents in Google Drive

How to share documents in Google Drive.

Using Comments in Google Drive

How to use the comment feature in Google Drive.

Google Printer

Select a printer in Google Drive.

Transfer Home Drive to Google Drive

How to transfer document from your Home Drive to your Google Drive.

Save Documents To Google Drive

How to save a document directly to Google Drive.

Converting Documents in Google Drive

Learn how to upload and convert Microsoft Office documents to Google documents for editing.

Google Research Tool

Learn to use the Research tool in Google Docs to research and cite websites.

Add Images to Google Docs

How to find and add images to Google Docs.

Avery Merge in Google Drive

Learn how to use the Avery add-on for Google Drive to create labels.

EasyBib Add-On For Google Drive

Create easy works cited pages with the EasyBib add on for Google Docs.

Templates in Google Drive

How to use templates in Google Drive

Google Apps - AddOns

Get more features and functionality out of your Google Apps with Add-ons!

Google Forms - Choice Eliminator

Learn how to use the add-on Choice Eliminator with Google Forms to easily create scheduling calendars for things like parent/teacher conferences.

Google Forms - Choice Eliminator Multiples

Learn how to use the Choice Eliminator Add-On for Google Forms to create a sign up sheet where more than one person can sign up for a specific slot.