Kahoot! An Easy To Use, Multi-Device Quiz Platform



Kahoot! is a new tool for teachers that is similar to apps such as Socrative or Nearpod.  Kahoot allows teachers to create multimedia quizzes and present them to students in a game based environment.  Teachers design their quizzes and surveys online at the Kahoot website using a very simple drag-and-drop interface.  You can also browse pre-created quizzes and use them with your students.  When you are ready to present the quiz, you need two things: a device/projector to show the quiz on, and devices for the students to answer on.  Unlike some other tools, Kahoot can be used on almost any device with an internet connection – tablets, computers, smartphones, Chromebooks, and more.  The quiz is presented in a fun game format, and results are shown on the leaderboard.  This looks like a fun way to get students excited when reviewing a subject.

Kahoot Demo

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