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You know you are a STEM obsessed teacher when…

…you are already planning activities for next year, and it’s only December!  Every fall we take our fifth graders camping for three days in the Delaware Water Gap.  I go along as the photographer, and we all have a great time.  This year, I started thinking about ways to tie STEM into the trip.  In the past we bought some water testing kits to use in the Pond Study activity, but they are expensive and need to be restocked every year.  I wanted some ideas that were low to no cost, did not require a lot of materials or prep, and that could also be used in the lab either before or after the trip as ‘bookend’ activities.

Thanks to the time-sink that is Pinterest, I’ve already found some activities I want to use around trip time next year!

Leaf Chromatography – We usually go on our trip when the leaves are just starting to change color.  This would be a great, easy project to do.

This fun team-building activity – kids have to work together to write a word

Add some art with Chlorophyll Rubbings

A plantable planet Earth would fit right in with Camp Mason’s mission.

I love sundials, and this paper plate one looks fun and easy.

Build a shelter with only newspaper and tape – our kids do a survival unit at camp that this would tie nicely into.

There is virtually no light pollution at camp, which makes the stars amazingly bright.  Perhaps some constellation activities would be a hit.

I also found some camping STEM activities on a  Girl Scouts page.

As an added bonus, I think we might be including an archery rotation at camp next year.  I can’t wait! Is it next October yet?