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On December 1, Mrs. Jordan and I hosted an Open House evening for the new STEM lab.  After all the hard work we put into it, it was exciting to share it with our students and their families.  I had a lot of wonderful student and teacher volunteers who helped manage the crowds and run the activity stations which made the night run very smoothly.

2014-11-25 09.29.13

I had activity stations with simple STEM projects set up in the lab,the art room, and even in the main lobby.  The kids had a blast playing with gumdrop engineering, marshmallow catapults, LED creations, and more.  We had one of the 3D printers running making a bust of Greedo from Star Wars, and the LittleBits table was constantly mobbed!

The local paper came out to cover the event, and wrote a very nice article which ended up online and in print.  I also created a short video that showed the transformation of the STEM lab.

Since the Open House, the lab has become very popular with the teachers and students. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for new STEM lessons and activities.  Stay tuned for more updates!