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EdCamp Logo
In my previous post, I raved about the wonders of EdCamp, the FREE unconference run by teachers, for teachers. My enthusiasm for the concept has not waned over the summer. In fact, I keep refreshing the main Edcamp page almost daily to see if there are any new events posted within a reasonable distance. It seems like the EdCamp model is really taking off, and they are being planned across the country! There are also more specialized EdCamps being planned – EdCamp Admin for school administrators, and EdCamp Social Studies for teachers and administrators wanting to focus on Social Studies specifically. For those teachers in my schools, why not consider taking a day to attend one of the upcoming EdCamps and see what it’s like? In our area, we have EdCamp NYC, EdCamp Harrisburg, EdCamp Social Studies, and EdCamp DC all in the works. Trust me, even though it means giving up a weekend day, it is WELL worth it!